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Quality & Reliability Services

We help clients to use quality as competitive advantage. We help them to understand how quality can help companies reduce quality related costs and enhance revenues substantially. We help them to achieve significant and sustainable improvement in their quality performance, customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance.

[A] In Coming

• Measuring efficacy of existing sampling plans
• Design and develop acceptance sampling plan
• Tailor made sampling plans for specific product

[B] In Process

• Process Capability Analysis
• Implementation SPC techniques
• Estimating Quality Risk
• Reliability Analysis
• Measurement System Analysis
• Gauge R & R
• Guidance for CAPA, Lean, Kaizen, EFQM, ISO standards

[C] Design

• Off line Quality Control using Taguchi Techniques
• Using DOE for robust product design
• Process risk analytics

[D] Service Quality

• Measuring service quality using SERVQUAL, RATER scale etc.
• Implementing SPC tools
• Monitoring Operation Performance using ASA, Queue time, Abandonment rate, Service levels etc
• Multivariate Categorical Monitoring of service quality

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