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Manufacturing Excellence Services

We specialize in deriving meaningful insights and knowledge from operations and production data. Such insights and knowledge help production industry clients to produce better quality products at lower cost, improve plant and equipment utilization while minimizing the environmental impact on operations.

[A] Process Monitoring and Optimization.

• Identifying key variables affecting process performance
• Determine optimal level of process parameters
• Predict results of manufacturing changes
• Quantify risks associated within various process and sub- processes

[B] Machine and equipment state monitoring

• Predict breakdown of machines
• Reduce unplanned maintenance & repairs
• Improve operator safety
• Reduce the risk of environmental damage

[C] New product development

• Reduce variability in product quality with improved control or raw materials
• Analyse data to develop better reliable products
• Replace costly laboratory techniques with advance data analytics tools

[D] Environment Sustainability

• Reduce chemical use by running processes closer to limits
• Minimize energy consumption by optimizing machinery use and processes
• Measure and manage contamination levels in waste water, sludge and air emissions.

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