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Management Consultancy Services

We provide a variety of management consultancy services the details of which are given below:

Intervention effectiveness study

Management interventions in the form of policy or procedure changes need to be evaluated in terms of their effectiveness in attaining the desired objectives. Statconsulta provides support in the form of design of such studies and analysis of results.

Customer satisfaction measurement

Tracking customer satisfaction is one of the most important objective for all organizations. Statconsulta can help organizations to build customer satisfaction index (CSI) appropriate for them and subsequently track them through regular surveys.

Statistical Advisory Service

Identifying improvement opportunities in an organisation is a very crucial task for increasing profitability of an organisation. We help our clients by identifying such opportunities across the organisation. We verify the relevancy of different statistical and quality tools used across the organisation and guide them to implement statistical tools in non-manufacturing areas.

Decision Making Support Services

Managerial decision making is a critical area. Much of the success of an organization depends on the ability of its managers to take the “best” decision for a given problem. Statconsulta provides decision making facilitation services by use of modern techniques like Brainstorming, Cause-and-Effect Diagrams and Six Thinking Hats.

Training Effectiveness Study

Organizations are interested in studying the effectiveness of the training imparted to their staff to ensure that they derive good ROI on their training budget. Statconsulta conducts training effectiveness study to calculate the ROI for the various training projects.

Market Research and Survey Data Analysis

We analyse consumer behavior survey data to bring out consumer insights. We also help clients to design and develop tailor made market research assignments by sampling frame & questionnaire design, selection of right sampling method, pilot run, identification of spurious data and advance data analysis leading to different insights.

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