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Case Studies

Case 1 :

A leading battery manufacturer was faced with an intricate problem of maintaining stability of a critical manufacturing process. This process was showing excessive variation which resulted in too many defectives.more

Case 2 :

A leading manufacturer of pumps faced the problem of chronic delays in delivery. This resulted in substantial payouts in form of penalties. Our consultants studied the process thoroughly and found that the problem occurred due to too many defectives items entering the process. more

Case 3 :

A leading tea planter approached us with the problem of identification of the effects of various climatic factors on yield. Based on the data available for the yield and the various climatic factors our consultants identified the quantum of effects for each climatic factor. more

Case 4 :

Another leading tea planter and manufacturer wanted to know the effect on yield of some common diseases with the aim to identify an ideal pruning strategy. Our consultants...more

Case 5 :

A leading energy meter manufacturer approached us to identify and implement statistical tools in manufacturing and assembly processes for process control and quality improvement. After a detailed study we....more

Case 6 :

A leading pneumatic gauge manufacturer faced with the problem of excessive defectives leading to cancellation of several export orders approached us for identification of the exact cause. What was surprising....more

Case 7 :

A leading foil manufacturer approached us after facing the problem of increased in customer complaints despite apparently doing of 100% inspection. The problem was complicated as sampling inspection was difficult o carry and was both costly and time consuming.more

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